What is Marketing Research?

Marketing research is an organized, systematic gathering, documenting, and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative data relating to the overall marketing mix. The objective is to detect and measure how changes in key elements of the market mix affect consumer behavior. This is a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy.

Is Consciousness An Illusion?

There is a long debate as to whether consciousness is real. Many people say yes, while others say it is not. If you are one of those people that say “I don’t believe that consciousness is real”, then this article will explain what consciousness is and why you should believe in it. You may be thinking that you do not need to know what consciousness… Read More »Is Consciousness An Illusion?

Can Neuroscientists Read Your Thoughts?

Neuroscientists can read your thoughts. This ability, known as covert telepathy, is often described as the ability to implant words into another person’s mind. In fact, in this day and age, neuroscientists are using covert telepathy on a daily basis to help people with serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. The ability of covert telepathy has been used to treat patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, panic… Read More »Can Neuroscientists Read Your Thoughts?

Psychoactive Plant Extracts: Enhance your sex life

If you are looking for a powerful way to enhance your sexual performance, then you should consider using psychoactive plant extracts. These supplements work on the central nervous system and stimulate a man’s orgasm, allowing him to intensify his ejaculation. And these supplements don’t require a prescription. The benefits of using this supplement can be seen in the fact that it can help women have… Read More »Psychoactive Plant Extracts: Enhance your sex life

Random Words of Kindness

Random Words of Kindness is a great way for people to say “thank you” to someone for something they have done for you. For example, maybe a friend has given you a gift that has truly touched you and made you feel good. You might not always get your desired things, but when you do they are always a great surprise. This is the reason… Read More »Random Words of Kindness

Borderline Personality Disorder Becomes Stalks – How To Deal With It

Stalking is an illegal act and in some jurisdictions is a felony. However, when someone begins to stalk a partner or significant other, it can be dangerous and even deadly. This type of behavior can include anything from annoying someone, to making repeated phone calls, to following them around, to following them to their workplace, and sometimes threatening suicide. Even the most innocent of people… Read More »Borderline Personality Disorder Becomes Stalks – How To Deal With It

What Is the Truth About Aha! Moments?

One might ask, what is the truth about Aha! moments in therapy? And how will they benefit you? First of all, The Truth About Aha! moments in therapy are meant to help people improve their life situations by introducing them to the power of positive thinking. In these minute sessions with the therapists explain to their patients that they have to be positive about their… Read More »What Is the Truth About Aha! Moments?